Another running blog...really?

Yes, really. 

"But, why?" You might ask. "What makes your blog different?"

This was the exact question I posed to my good friend Kristen - runner, triathlete, fitness goddess, and creative genius behind I had recently asked her to send me some of her favorite running/fitness blogs and we had been discussing being brand ambassadors for companies like the relatively new Coeur. To be a brand ambassador, you have to be dripping in social media and create a blog others will love to follow. But what makes a good blog? Why is one blog on running better than another? It is content, surely. But there must be other dynamics at play like humor, wit, writing style, even frequency of posting. Otherwise, why not just follow one running blog?

Since I've been wanting to blog about my experiences in fitness for some time (I have a real solid love-hate relationship with it that I think others might find easy to relate to, if not amusing), I sat back and thought hard about what I could do that would make my blog different. 

I run. (but these days, honestly, who doesn't.)

I am a psychologist (no, not the tell-me-all-your-problems kind; the I'll-kick-your-ass-with-science-anytime kind). 

Why not merge the two? 

So on the heels of inspiring conversation with Kristen (which it always is, because Kristen's commitment to and successes with fitness cannot be called anything less than inspirational), I've created Psyched to Run. 

My goal with this blog is not just to relate my mundane running experiences. It is also to share with the world what Sports Psychology can tell us about running - What makes us tick? What increases or decreases our performance? How can we eat to fuel? Because I'm a science-minded individual, I want to use information supported by evidence, not just anecdotes. 

It may seem silly but Kristen made me a friendship bracelet (orange and blue...Go Gators!) and now I feel even more united in a common goal-improving ourselves one mile at a time. I hope you enjoy my tales. Welcome to my blog - I hope you're also Psyched to Run!

Top row: my husband, Matt, and I. 
Bottom left (from the right): me, Matt, awesome Kristen, K's husband, Ryan. 
Bottom right: Matt and his relay finisher's medal
2012 Urban Cow Half Marathon